BRANDON, Fla. — Slayer the hero Pitbull mix is back home Wednesday after spending the early portion of the week in the doggie equivalent of intensive care.

Slayer survived numerous strikes to the face by a venomous snake.

Melissa Butt says she was home with her grandchildren Sunday when the dogs started barking continuously in the area where the children were playing outside.

Slayer was bitten on the mouth by a venomous snake.
Slayer was bitten on the mouth by a venomous snake.

The barking was concerning enough for her to take the kids into the house. When she returned, she found both of her dogs bleeding from what appeared to be snake bites.

The family says a snake they found later appeared to be a venomous copperhead.

Both dogs were rushed to their local veterinarian, who later transferred the animals to Blue Pearl of Brandon which was equipped with the necessary antivenin to save the dogs.

The family was next left with the high cost it would take to keep Slayer alive. A charity group called Frankie’s Friends heard about the case and stepped in, with the help of donors, making sure the dog’s treatment could continue.

Paco the dog was also bitten by a snake.
Paco the dog was also bitten by a snake.

Slayer was reunited with his family late Wednesday and is back at home.

The Butt family is working to clear out tall grasses in the area where the snake was first spotted in hopes a new one doesn’t show up.

The head of the charity group Frankie’s Friends says the nonprofit received more than 50 donations, more than enough to treat Slayer.

They say the extra money will go toward assisting future animals with life-threatening conditions.

If you’d like to help Frankie’s Friend continue their mission, you can visit the organization’s website here.