TAMPA, Fla. - Stroller Strides is a high-intensity workout designed for moms and their little ones.

The one-hour class has moms sing and play with their child while toning and strengthening.

A typical Stroller Strides class includes cardio, lunges, jumps and a decent about of giggling babies. However, Andrea Bowe, co-owner of FIT4MOM Tampa Bay, says it can be more for mom than just a workout.

“They get to come, they get to move their bodies, they get to engage their kids and they get to talk to other moms. And that’s the biggest part, it’s the community,” Bowe said.

The children learn from the songs played, and get a workout as well.

“They start to associate exercise with something fun, not something they have to do. It’s just apart of their everyday,” Bowe said.

Stroller Classes are held at various locations across the country. For locations and times locally, go to the company's website.