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BIG3 playoffs being held at Amalie Arena

The BIG3 playoffs are set to be played at Amalie Arena Sunday. The league has grown its fanbase steadily over the past several years.

TAMPA, Fla. —  

It’s basketball, but not the kind you're used to watching on TV.

“It's what you grew up playing and it is physical, it's fast, and it's only up to 50, so you've got to be ready to go. Can't miss anything in this,” said Reggie Theus, former NBA player and coach and the current head coach of the BIG3 team "3 Headed Monsters."

Rapper and actor Ice Cube co-founded BIG3 five years ago, and it’s gained a steady fanbase ever since.

"Fans want more access. Fans want to be a part of the thought process. Fans want to have voting rights and things like that," said Ice Cube. 

The game is three-on-three and the first team to 50 points, wins. 

“I've coached in the NBA and the WNBA. This is a very exciting brand of basketball. Quite frankly, Ice Cube beat the NBA, FIBA and the NCAA, to three-on-three basketball. It's just taken the world by storm," said Nancy Lieberman, former WNBA player and coach and the head coach of "Power."

The league has attracted both former NBA stars, and players from across the globe. 

“So it's not just the names you know, it's the names you don't know. With the games you love,” said Ice Cube. 

12 teams compete in an 8-week regular season. The four teams with the best record move on to the playoffs.

"We move the ball. We play physical and we play together,” said Theus.

Ice cube says he hopes to continue to grow the league for years to come

"This is not an Ice Cube project. This is a league for everybody to enjoy, and we're putting it on. We have some of the best athletes planning a great game, and the way we present it is as professional as any other league that you can see," he said. 

Tip-off at Amalie Arena is set for 4 p.m. You can buy tickets at BIG3.com.


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