TAMPA, FL - We sent an alert on a story this morning, and we know it left you saying: "How is this possible?"

Here's the story: A man filed a lawsuit claiming he was attacked by a bobcat at Tampa's SkyPoint condos.

It says the plaintiff, Marcos Hernandez, a contractor, was doing an inspection at Christine Lee's unit on the 36th floor in downtown Tampa.

That's when he claims he was attacked by a bobcat.

Now, the defendants filled in the lawsuit are firing back, saying that the bobcat was, in fact, a house cat.

Christine Lee, which the lawsuit claims owns the exotic animal, declined to go on camera but says she was shocked about the news.

She also claims she doesn't own a bobcat but a standard house cat named Calli.

Skypoint Condominium Association, Inc., also named in the lawsuit, released this statement saying they conducted their own investigation:

Skypoint Condominium Association, Inc. (“Skypoint”) has been contacted regarding allegations made in a lawsuit filed by Marcos Hernandez that he was attacked by a “bobcat” in a unit of the Skypoint Condominium.

Skypoint has investigated the allegations made by Mr. Hernandez and has determined that the alleged “bobcat” Mr. Hernandez claims attacked him is in fact a standard house cat named Calli.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission also did their own investigation and they say they found a housecat as well.

Hernandez, along with his lawyer, declined to give us a statement on the lawsuit.