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Federal judges hear Warren v. DeSantis case in appellant court

Warren was removed from office by Gov. DeSantis last summer for "neglect of duty."

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — There are new updates as suspended Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren fights to get his job back.

Tuesday afternoon, federal judges in Alabama heard from Warren's attorney as well as Gov. Ron DeSantis's legal team during oral arguments.

Warren was removed from office by DeSantis last summer for "neglect of duty."

The District Court heard  the case and came to the conclusion DeSantis violated Warren's first amendment rights, however, the judge ruled he lacked the authority to reverse the governor's suspension.

Now, Warren's defense team is going through the federal appeals court in Alabama.

Federal judges questioned Warren's defense team on how the District Court seems to have ruled this was based on conduct and how Warren did his job, rather than viewpoints.

Judges also talked about factors including how Warren signed pledges promising not to prosecute abortion cases.

DeSantis' defense was questioned about evidence they had to prove Warren neglected his duty.

Warren’s team said federal judges will issue a written ruling in the future. A retired Hillsborough County judge said that will happen within a year. He explained there's no timeline on how short or long it could take.

Warren's legal team said he filed a separate petition in the Florida Supreme Court.

"I believe with every fiber in my being in fighting for my freedoms, our democracy, and rule of law, and that’s what this fight is about," Warren said in a statement. "From the beginning we believe that the law is on our side and we hope that the court sees it this way."

DeSantis’ team said any comments will be filed in the courts.

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