TAMPA, Fla. — People in Tampa Bay have strong opinions about the court's decision to mandate chemotherapy for Noah McAdams, and to keep him at his grandma's house.

This all started because Noah McAdams' parents wanted to stop his chemo treatments and try "alternative" medicine instead. 

Taylor Bland-Ball and Joshua McAdams still have visitation rights,  but the judge said he needs to stay with his grandmother, at least for now.

10News talked to a retired juvenile judge about the decision and the legal battle leading up to it.

Irene Sullivan is a professor now and says they actually discussed this in her class today.

"The class took different sides, but we agreed it was a classic case of a parent's rights, which are fundamental and clear to choose education and medical care, versus the state's rights to intervene if they feel there's neglect," Sullivan said.

While this is getting national attention and is clearly a hot button issue, Sullivan says she doesn't think this will set a precedent for how medical cases involving kids are treated.

"I don’t think so, because every case is different, every case is difficult, this is a novel case I think, I’m not second-guessing what the judge did. The judge heard testimony and ruled that the little boy could stay with his grandmother and get this treatment," Sullivan explained.

10News sat down with the parents' lawyer, who told her they would be filing an appeal.

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