TAMPA, Fla. -- Road construction plus illegal turns equals a recipe for disaster.

It’s a harsh reality happening all across the Bay as drivers make their way through the orange cones and detour signs. People not following the rules, put your life at risk.

It has law enforcement beefing up enforcement all to keep you safe.

“It’s hard for people to figure it out,” says Jay Lenny, who lives in Tampa and drives Lois Avenue daily.

The sign is posted.

“They are not following it,” says Lenny.

And it’s simple: no left hand turns at this intersection on Lois Avenue.

“It’s added a lot of time,” says Lenny.

The sign though is new to drivers. It was put up while construction takes place on Westshore.

But police say it needs to be followed. They’ve seen an increase of accidents here.

“One out of 100 of them are getting dinged up right here,” says Lenny.

It’s not just in Tampa, law enforcement all across the Bay say they notice every day in construction zones, someone not following the rules of the road.

“The goal is safety, and for some reason you’re not suppose to do what that sign is telling you not to do,” says Officer Robert Peters, with the St. Pete Police Department.

The same sign is posted along Gandy Blvd. in St. Pete and police aren’t hesitating to give you a ticket valued at more than $150 if it means keeping other people safe.

“It’s construction season. Things are changing now. Slow down a bit and look at signs. That’s why they are here,” says Ofc. Peters.