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Tampa launches 'FIX IT FAST' initiative to get common road repairs addressed within 72 hours

On average, the city says it receives about 13 calls a day for the type of issues the initiative looks to address.

TAMPA, Fla. — Getting "common" road repairs done in the City of Tampa could now only take 72 hours thanks to the launch of the "FIX IT FAST" initiative.

Starting Tuesday, those who live within the city that spot things like potholes, debris in the road/blocking signs, traffic light issues, or signage down can now report it to a strike team to be addressed.

"The FIX IT FAST Program focuses on delivering timely and quality repairs with a convenient customer experience and an easy reporting system," a press release reads.

The 72-hour repair window opens once an issue, that falls under the program's coverage, is reported either over the phone or online.

"We want our roads to be as safe as they possibly can," Infrastructure & Mobility Administrator Jean Duncan said. 

To address the road repairs, Duncan says the city is using existing resources that have just been rearranged to support the initiative.

Mayor Jane Castor says "FIX IT FAST" is a commitment to maintaining the city's roads all while aiming for government efficiency.

"It's that efficiency — the idea of efficiency — where you don't call with a problem that can be fixed literally in a matter of hours, 72 hours, and you have to be put at the bottom of the list and wait, and wait, and wait weeks and sometimes months to get that addressed," she said.

On average, Duncan says the city receives about 13 calls a day for the type of issues the "FIX IT FAST" initiative looks to address. In a press release, the city adds that across its 1,160 miles of asphalt roadways it averages about 7,000 pothole repairs a year.

"We believe our maintenance is equally important to keep our roads safe," Duncan said. This is just another part of making our city resilient by taking care of our assets and transforming Tampa's tomorrow through creative projects and means and methods to keep our transportation network functioning as best as it possibly can."

To file a report you can visit the "FIX IT FAST" online portal or call 813-274-FAST (3278) to reach the city's 24/7 call center.

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