For several months, 10Investigates has been exposing predatory and unnecessary towing practices to protect you and your car.

New tonight, we've uncovered yet another case of cars being unfairly towed.

If you visit The Independent in Seminole Heights, you'll notice there's not a lot of parking. But, a sign across the street, leads The Independent customers to park at the Dollar Tree.

"We have a license to park there to use their parking lot," says owner of The Independent, Veronica Danko.

According to Danko, as early as 8 p.m. Sunday cars were being towed one by one from the Dollar Tree lot. It started with two cars blocking others. Danko says the manager for the Dollar Tree called Target Towing to remove those two cars. Instead, they cleared the lot.

"The towing company representative told me that I didn't have a license to use that parking lot, and that we weren't ever supposed to park there, and that the store employee told him to take all the cars away, that their store was closed, which she disputes," says Danko.

10News WTSP took the complaints to Target Towing.

"If you go look the signs are there. So we have an agreement with them to tow vehicles from there," says an employee with Target Towing.

So, we went to the Dollar Tree to get answers and we were turned away without comment.

Either way, customers aren't paying the cost. Danko stepped up and is now out nearly $2,300 after paying Target Towing to get their cars back for them.

Although we don't know exactly who is at fault, it really doesn't matter. According to state law, those cars parked legally inside a parking space should not have been towed. 10News will continue to look out for you when it comes to illegal towing complaints.