GREENSBORO, N.C. — Another patient shares another shocking story of a now former Triad dentist.

Earlier this year, the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners revoked Dr. Shawana Patterson's license after the Board found her actions led or contributed to the death of two patients. 

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The Board issued that decision in January 2019, effectively revoking Dr. Patterson's license to practice dentistry in the state and also her general anesthesia permit.

Back in 2013, Garry Shepherd was a patient of Dr. Patterson. He has a set of dentures, but, they're useless. 

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"Because of the way my mouth was, they wouldn't work," he said, "They wouldn't seat in my mouth properly because of the damage she had done to my gums." 

Damage, Shepherd says, caused by Dr. Patterson.

"They gave me the numbing medicine, and then she gave me anesthesia through the mask. None of it worked," he said, "She tied me down and they just kept going. And I tried to close my mouth because it was hurting so bad and she put this metal some type of metal device in my mouth."

He says he told her over and over to stop, but, she didn't. 

"It's like being hit in the mouth with a baseball bat. I mean it hurt," Shepherd explained. 

In the months following the procedure, he wrote the state's dental board, once he realized the extent of the damage to his mouth and gums. But in a letter back, it said, after reviewing the complaint against Patterson, and her response, the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners determined that disciplinary action against Dr. Patterson is not warranted.

His case, open and shut. A couple of years, and many surgeries later, Dr. Patterson's High Point practice, now shut down, too. 

"I'm glad that they took her license, but I hate it that people lost their lives because of it," said Shepherd. 

We've reached out to Patterson several times, and haven't gotten a response. At this time, no civil or criminal charges have been filed against her.