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'It's been horrible' | Victim’s family speaks after execution date set for serial killer

It’s pain the family said that after more than 30 years, never went away.

TAMPA, Fla. — Families of those murdered by a convicted serial killer said on Wednesday they have more closure after learning Governor Ron DeSantis has set an execution date for Bobby Joe Long.

Chanel Williams was one of at least 10 victims Long murdered in the 1980s. She was just 18, Her mother, Lula, said she and her youngest daughter, Algalana Douglas, plan to be at the execution on May 23.

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“I'm just waiting for that time. And I want to see the look on his face. I want to see the pain on his face, what he inflicted to my daughter and those other women. He didn't have any right to do that,” said Williams.

Williams and Douglas described Chanel as a loving soul with a great sense of humor that’s deeply missed.

"It's been horrible. I think about her a lot,” said Douglas. “And it's kind of hard when you know you can't see your sister again. You look at the pictures and you try to reminisce about things that happened when you were growing up. It's just really hard knowing how she passed and it was nothing you could do about it."

It’s pain the family said that after more than 30 years, never went away.

"To lose a daughter, I can't begin to really explain how it feels. You know, it's a part of me that was taken away from me. Not just natural death causes. I could deal with that more so than having to deal with what happened to her by this person.”

As for forgiveness for the killer, Williams and Douglas said they are not quite there yet.

"People may think I'm horrible for saying this but I just, I hope it's painful and I hope he burn in hell,” said Douglas.

“"I don't have any pity for him,” said Williams. No nothing. Nothing. He getting what he deserve”

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