Vice President Joe Biden will be in Tampa Wednesday afternoon meeting with businesses and Chamber of Commerce leaders.

Biden chose to come to Tampa to announce new initiatives to partner with Latin American countries for three reasons: 1. Tampa businesses have led the nation in taking their service and products across the world 2. Port Tampa Bay and Tampa International Airport have recently added upgrades or flights to make international travel and exports easier 3. Tampa’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.

What will Biden announce?

Biden is expected to make a big push for more companies to be doing business in places like Latin America, and Cuba in particular.

For U.S. businesses (including those in Tampa Bay), it could mean trillions of dollars in profits, and for the government: A chance for better global relations.

He’ll also take about upgrades at Florida Ports. Nearly 4 billion dollars is expected to be spent over the next 5 years across our state's seaports to handle growing international trade and business. Port Tampa Bay is actually 10 times as large as Port Miami and a huge focus: getting products and services from here in Tampa Bay to Latin America.

Biden is also expected to talk about new initiatives to partner with Cuba to protect the Gulf of Mexico from another oil spill.

According to our partners at the Tampa Bay Times, for more than 50 years our broken relationship with Cuba has kept us from partnering to keep the ocean clean.

A new agreement could mean help from Cuba in case another oil spill happens.

This could be really critical to protecting our Florida coast lines because Cuba could allow offshore drilling in the next year and a half. An oil spill in Cuba could reach the Florida Keys in less than a week, and Tampa Bay in less than 10 days.

When and where will Biden speak?

He’ll be at the University of Tampa Fletcher Lounge at 401 W. Kennedy Blvd. from 12:15-1:15. The event is being hosted by the Tampa Chamber of Commerce and is invitation only.