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Lakeland holds 41st annual Lake Morton Swan Roundup

Parks & Recreation employees carefully gather the swans for their annual veterinary check-up.

LAKELAND, Fla — It's that time of the year again when the swans in Lake Morton are captured for an annual veterinary check-up.

The 41st annual Swan Roundup began Tuesday morning. The Lakeland Parks Division took their boats out on the lake and began gathering swans to head to My Pet's Animal Hospital the following day. 

The annual roundup began in 1980 and gives the city a chance to monitor the swans' health and vitality of the population.

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Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom gifted the original swans of Lake Morton back in 1957. Since then, the population has become quite abundant. The birds were first cared for by veterinarian "Swanvet" W.G. Gardner, Dr. Patricial Mattson. 

Since then, My Pet's Animal Hospital has provided its expertise for Lakeland's swan flock, the city of Lakeland says. 

"It is very important to us to make sure our Lakeland flock is doing well so we schedule the Swan Roundup each year with the primary purpose to check on the health of our birds," Director of Parks & Recreation, Bob Donohay, said in a release.

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