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On day of father's funeral, thieves caught on video breaking into home

The homeowner's son said it happened just three hours before they were set to lay their dad to rest.

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — On the day of a Manatee County man's funeral earlier this week, thieves were caught on surveillance video breaking into his home and rummaging through his belongings. 

Lance Plowman said it all happened just three hours before his family was set to meet up and celebrate the life of his father, Eddie Mulock, on Monday.

“They literally had to push a wheelchair and a walker out of the way where the door they broke in was," Plowman said.

Plowman said the incident left them angry and shaken up. While none of the items were of immense sentimental value, he added, they included an iPad and some silver. Some family photos also were thrown about.

“They took the last bit of peace that we had," he said.

Mulock was an incredible man and was very well respected in the community, Plowman said. According to his obituary, Mulock was a longtime attorney in Bradenton and was the voice of Manatee High School football on the radio.

He died on May 18 at the age of 78.

"A legend of Manatee County, Eddie charismatically commanded a court room, trying cases that rolled out like page-turner movie scripts," his obit reads. "A lover of saltwater fishing tournaments, Motown Music and colorful suits, Eddie advocated for children by chairing the Children's Services Advisory Board and serving on various committees benefiting the youth of Manatee County."

The family says the break-in was devastating for this to happen on the same day as his funeral.  

“We would have given them everything in the house if we just got to keep the little bit of peace we had left," Plowman said. 

Credit: 10 Tampa Bay
Eddie Mulock, left, and his family members.

The break-in was reported to the Bradenton Police Department; Plowman said he's hoping another family doesn't become the next target. 

“I'm really scared for anybody else because these are not good people," he said. 

The same night Mulock's home was broken into, a person who lives nearby said his son's car was stolen just 30 minutes before. Neighbors think the same thieves are responsible. 

The family who had their car stolen said they also reported that incident. 

The Bradenton Police Department says the suspects in the video appear to be Black or Hispanic males, about 18-26 years of age and approximately 5-foot-9 tall. 

Any one with information on relating to the people who broke into the home are encouraged to contact Detective Todd Freed at 941-932-9370.

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