Marijuana is a multi-billion-dollar business that continues to grow. As more states begin to legalize some form of it, small businesses are making bank without ever having to touch the actual plant.

A reality show spent time in Tampa on Tuesday, trying to help one of your neighbors become the next marijuana millionaire.

In just two seasons, "The Marijuana Show" has brought more than $15 million to small businesses. According to co-creator Wendy Robbins, they just signed a deal with another investor for $20 million.

"So we're talking about Wall Street investors, investors that are very sophisticated that don't necessarily want to be on camera, but want to invest in this business."

Tampa business owner Tom Quigley is hoping to get an investment in his company, The Gluu.

"What the Gluu actually does is connects distributors of products like these with the retail outlets that sell them."

The producers loved the concept. So, Quigley will likely get to pitch his business to those investors.

Then there's CannaMoms, a not-for-profit organization asking for a million dollars. "CannaMoms is the first cannabis industry organization dedicated solely to helping suffering children," said Moriah Barnhart in her pitch.

You might remember Tampa mom Renee Petro. We've featured her on 10News WTSP in the past and her personal struggles with her own son, Brandin. That's why she and her partners started CannaMoms.

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"We educate and we help other families with possible relocation. We educate legislators on why this needs to be brought to our state," said Petro.

The CannaMoms were challenged by show producers to go out and find sponsors for some of the families they help. If they succeed, CannaMoms will also get put in front of investors on the show in the hopes of getting the money they need to continue their mission.