MYAKKA CITY, Fla. -- A 13-year-old teenage boy from Myakka City is at Tampa General Hospital. Florida Highway Patrol says he was struck by a car while riding his bike on Clay Gully Road on the way to his best friend’s house next door. The driver left the scene of the accident leaving the teen on the ground hurt.

“The car hit him. According to his father, he was drugged for a little bit, has some road rash…was tossed to the side of the road,” says Joe Tiani, Nerf’s next door neighbor.

No one knows how long 13-year-old Nathen Nerf laid there possibly an hour or two before another neighbor saw him and called for help.

Tiani says, “He was riding from his home coming here for the evening to say Happy Birthday to my daughter and playing with my son…so he was on his way over carrying a gift for her on his bike.”

The Nerf family moved to Myakka City from Bradenton last year.

“He’s a good kid, he’s a bright kid. He comes here, rides our horses, plays with our dogs. [I] enjoy having him, he’s a pleasure to have around,” says Tiani.

According to the FHP, Nathen was heading west on Clay Gully Road riding against traffic when the car swiped him and took off. The car is described as a newer model 4-door black Cadillac with possible right side damage.

“Why wouldn’t you stop? What kind of man or woman are you that wouldn’t stop for anything?” asks Tiani of the driver.

He adds, “There’s no empathy for that person, now it’s pure anger. Parents want justice served to the fullest. You’ve got people looking for you.”

Neighbors say this road paralleling State Road 70 is a busy road for trucks and drivers wanting to cut through. Dayra Cole is one of Nathen’s neighbors. She says, “This message is to everyone that passes through on Clay Gully Road, please slow down. Don’t rush, flying through here 100mph. The road is curvy with a lot of blind spots. There are animals on the road, kids on the road, adults on the road, just don’t kill us.”

This could have been just that -- an accident, but since the driver fled FHP troopers say they can now be charged with a felony.

FHP reminds everyone: never leave the scene of an accident. They ask this driver to show compassion and turn themselves in.