Bianca Graulau sat down with a woman who is leaving her home in Puerto Rico for Winter Haven, Florida after losing her business due to hurricane Maria.

In about a week, this nail salon owner, Osly Hernandez, will be relocating to Winter Haven in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Her nail salon does not have electricity or running water and may not have it restored for months.

She says many of her clients lost everything, and nails will be a luxury for them until they are able to rebuild their lives.

Hernandez has had to lay off her three employees who are also considering a move to the mainland.

For now, her family will be separated. Hernandez's husband will stay in Puerto Rico while she takes their 10-year-old son to Florida until they can be reunited later when her husband makes the move as well.

Hernandez is not alone, and Puerto Ricans say Hurricane Maria was the catalyst for them to start over in the continental U.S..