A massive recreation center, pool, basketball and tennis courts along with softball, baseball and soccer fields, but a new proposed amenity for the Highland Lake Recreation Complex is where neighbors draw the zip...line.

"It's going to destroy the park," said Barry Woodard whose home backs into the park. "It'll change it from a residential park to an amusement park."

The opposition is to a proposed tree adventure zipline course that would be built and operated by a private company called, Tree Umph!, which operates a similar attraction in Bradenton. The attraction would bring in an estimated 45,000 visitors annually, and with them some worry about extra traffic, trash, and lots of noise.

"It affects everyone in our neighborhood and nobody wants it," said neighbor Don Scott.

The City of Largo took input from neighbors to the park Monday evening. Support seemed small, but Largo High School student Kassy Danford believes that will change.

"Yeah they're complaining about it now, but I feel like once it starts happening and all their grandchildren are like let's go do this and lets go do that, they'll get over it," Danford said.

But absolutely zip will happen until city commissioners vote on the project September 6th.