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New state lawmaker criticized over Muslim meme

<p>“I was wrong,” Killebrew, 71, said about the post he put up Monday. “If that offended people, I apologize.” Ledger photo</p>

A newly-elected state representative from Polk County is getting criticized for a meme he shared on his personal Facebook page that disparages Muslims.

Sam Killebrew, the new Republican lawmaker from District 41 in the Winter Haven area, has apologized, according to a report in the Ledger. “I was wrong,” Killebrew, 71, said about the post he put up Monday. “If that offended people, I apologize.”

The post read: "Liberals are acting like (President-elect Donald) Trump is going to kill all the gays, make slavery legal again and take away women's right. Did he become a Muslim?"

Click here to see the meme and Kemp Brinson's post

According to the Ledger, local attorney Kemp Brinson used his Facebook page to criticize the post by Killebrew, writing, “My newly elected state representative, Sam Killebrew, whom I respect greatly, shared this stupid joke on social media. I think he should be more respectful of his Muslim constituents. He says he doesn't think all Muslims think this way and I'm reading too much into it. What do you think?”

The Ledger contacted Brinson but he did not elaborate.

Killebrew said he isn't sure why he shared the meme, and doesn't remember sharing the post from the Facebook page "Uncle Sam's Misguided Children," a conservative satirical page with more than 1 million likes.

He said he has no hostility toward Muslims and will work to represent all of his constituents.