Some would call a beachfront view priceless, but it's going to cost you.

"People who have secondary homes are going to get hit with a 25 percent increase and anybody who has a primary home anywhere from 15-18 percent," Joseph Cannella of Cannella Insurance Services said.

It's the beginning of a wave of higher flood insurance premiums hitting homeowners.

"In the Bay Area, well over 100,000, easily," Cannella said.

The increases come as the government tries to fill the National Flood Insurance Program back up. It's running a $23 billion dollar deficit.

Cannella believes the ever-increasing rates until the deficit is taken care of will run people out of their homes.

"Unfortunately it's almost like being taxed out of your house but you're being insurance premiumed out of your house," Cannella said. "If you want to live on the water or near the water you're going to have to pay that premium."