Oliver the North American river otter was found scared and frantic at a gas station in Tampa, Fla. earlier in March.

He was taken to the Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife, located in Tampa Bay, where they discovered Oliver had become imprinted on humans. This would make life in the wild difficult and dangerous if he were released.

After much consideration and research, the sanctuary decided to make the Downtown Aquarium in Denver Oliver's forever home.

Oliver will join Emmet and Slater, the two otters already living at the aquarium.

To get to Denver, Oliver had to travel from Tampa through Memphis, Tenn. on a FedEx jet, with Kris Porter, a permitted rehabilitator of Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife.

He was finally "delivered" to his new home Friday.

“Downtown Aquarium is proud to be the new home of this beautiful animal,” Jim Prappas, Director of Animal Husbandry for Landry’s, Inc., said in a press release. “Facilities like ours take pride in supporting conservation of wildlife through working with facilities like Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so we can give animals like Oliver a second chance to live out their lives and be ambassadors to their species.”

Watch this adorable video showing Oliver playing and swimming.