DADE CITY, Fla. — With more than 400 vendors, food stands, live entertainment and of course, lots of kumquats, the annual Kumquat Festival is happening next weekend.

“It’s a unique little fruit that is from China. And it’s blessed this area around here for years," said Greg Gude the general manager of Kumquat Growers Inc.

Dade City, with a population of just more than 7,000 people, will welcome up to 35,000 people on Saturday for the festival.

“We want to bring people to show this cute little community. It’s a way of life," Gude said.

Gude’s farm has been operational for nearly 50 years and much of their process has intentionally remained the same. The only process that has mechanized is the kumquat washer and sorter. The fruit is still picked and packed by hand. 

And that little fruit has a lot of big benefits. 

"They’re high in vitamin C, high in potassium, high in fiber,” explained Gude. "And when you eat them, they’re neat. They’re a neat experience. They’re nature’s sweet-tart. 

"You know, it’s sweet on the outside and tart on the inside. And when you finish, it leaves like a nice sweet pallet.”

You can get your hands on some kumquats, or on kumquat pie, jam, jelly, beer, salsa, the list goes on and on, at the Kumquat Festival Saturday, Jan. 25.

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