ST. PETERSBURG, Fla- Dozens of church members from Allendale United Methodist Church created a prayer circle in the middle of a busy intersection Sunday morning to stand in solidarity with the family of Markeis McGlockton.

The rally happened on the intersection of Haines Road and 3rd Avenue North in St. Petersburg.

Drivers trying to get across were shouting at protesters to get out of the road. The rally created a big traffic jam, until police officers forced people to the sidewalk.

Pastor Andy Oliver led a group from the church to the intersection.

“Markeis’s life does matter,” Oliver said, “We’re going to be a community that stands even in the middle of the street to call to end unjust laws.”

Organizers said they felt that disrupting traffic was a bold and daring way to show the community that the 'stand your ground' law must be repealed.

Markeis McGlockton, 28, was shot and killed outside of the Circle A Food Store in Clearwater over a dispute over a parking spot.

Michael Drejka, the man who shot McGlockton, has not been charged. The sheriff says the incident is protected under Florida's stand your ground.

With the upcoming Florida governor and senate races, protesters said they’ll be keeping a close eye on the stance candidates take with the law.

Supporters of "stand your ground" say it gives people the right to protect themselves but protesters like Bryant feel It’s being misused.

“Stand your ground was originally meant to protect you when your home,” said protester, Amy Bryant. “Not to give you license to just strike out with someone you disagree with or that gives you a little shove on the street.”

With a decision coming at any moment from the state's attorney office, on whether to charge the man who shot McGlockton, protesters said they will continue to hold rallies like the one this weekend until an arrest is made.

“The law needs to be changed, it’s not working the way it should,” protester Linda Nelson said.

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