ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The city's parking meter vandalism saga might have come to an end.

St. Petersburg police said Nicholas Ryan Scott Windholz, 34, and Kiersten Lyons, 32, were arrested for spraying foam sealant into parking meters downtown.

Windholz is charged with three counts of felony criminal mischief and Lyons is charged with one count.

Twenty-seven meters were damaged on Oct. 27 in the area of Central Avenue and 6th Street, and another 26 were discovered on Nov. 1 around Central Avenue and 4th Street.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Twenty-one meters were found vandalized early Wednesday around 1st Avenue and Beach Drive NE.

The meters were all sprayed with foam sealant, so customers couldn’t feed the meter.

Damage estimates are to the tune of thousands of dollars -- taxpayer dollars, with each meter costing about $550.

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