Largo, FL – A single mother who had to rebuild her life is the new owner of a Habitat for Humanity home built for her by 200 other women.

Habitat presented Kimberly Sparks and her 12-year-old daughter, Sarah Mae, with the “Girl PowerHouse.” It’s the second to be built in Pinellas County.

The Girl PowerHouse was funded and built by about women in about eight weeks.

“It gives you a lot of confidence when you do things like that; When you’re slamming a hammer and working with tresses,” said Mary Evers.

Kimberly Sparks, who accepted the house on Monday afternoon, says it will provide her and her daughter with a stability and a place to have friends over for sleepovers.

“We’re in a one-bedroom apartment right now and we’ve been there for many years. Now that she’s gotten older it’s getting really, really cramped,” said Sparks.

In 2012, the single mother lost her home in Tropical Storm Debby. Less than a year later, she underwent heart surgery.

Habitat helped Sparks get back on her feet. She had to complete 250 hours of classes and volunteer work. Sparks also helped build her home and says that helped build her confidence.

“For me it’s been long, but I’ve loved it. I’ve learned so many things. I’ve learned how to build a house,” said Sparks.

She finally has a place to call home and remind everyone of what “girl power” really is.