They’re called boat ramps, but they’re not usually associated with handicap accessibility. Wheels don’t work well on water.

That’s changed on Captain Anthony Corcella’s Pocket Change Inshore Fishing Charters.

“This is basically the same setup as an ADA compliant van,” Corcella said.

Corcella has adapted his skiff to handle the ramp, anchors, straps and hooks needed to secure a wheelchair.

“It's a workhorse boat. They handle the weight. They're are 8-feet wide and we can accommodate pretty much up to 600 pounds,” Corcella said.

For 87-year-old World War II and Korean War veteran Felix Guerrera, it is the first time he has been on the water fishing in over a decade.

“Oh, I love the water,” Guerrera said. “At home, restricted on what you can do you think about being out on the water and fishing.”

Corcella’s first mate, and cousin is PTA certified helping to make sure it’s a smooth ride for their wheelchair-bound customers. But Corcella hooks up disabled veterans, offering the charter for free.

“If you're a wheelchair-bound veteran you absolutely ride for free on my boat,” Corcella said. “I have always wanted to be able to give back and this allows me to do that.”

All he angles for is a smile. Something easy to catch when Guerrera hauls in a large crevalle jack.

Corcella also offers discounts to all veterans. You can reach Pocket Change Charters at 727-4326446