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New rules for those staying at short-term rentals in Indian Rocks Beach

Those living in Indian Rocks Beach are divided over the decision on how to manage short-term rentals in their small beach town community.

INDIAN ROCKS BEACH, Fla. — It's a topic that has created a divide in a small beach town community -- short-term rentals in Indian Rocks Beach.

For months, people have attended city commission meetings to voice their opinions. Several hearings have been held since January. 

Some residents shared concerns about allowing rentals like Airbnb and VRBO because of parking issues. People explained parking is already a big issue and these short-term rentals make matters worse.

Those living in Indian Rocks Beach also expressed concerns about loud parties. Some people said short-term rentals near them have kept them up at night due to how loud music was played.

On the other side, people say this allows them to make investment money. Some who live in the Tampa Bay area have short-term rentals in Indian Rocks Beach and said they haven't had issues with their guests. If they do, they have policies in place to quickly address issues that could impact neighbors and the community.

Some who are for short-term rentals have expressed they use their short-term rental as a meeting spot for family to spend time for vacations. Many people also said they spend holidays with family members at their short-term rentals and when they aren't staying there, they can make money from the property. 

Commissioners discussed an ordinance about short-term rentals. Officials with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office were a part of the conversation. They said they can help enforce noise complaints but wouldn't enforce kicking people out of pools or jacuzzies. City commissioners said their code enforcement will have to handle other issues. 

After hours of discussion, some of the rules now include: 

  • Quiet hours start at 10 p.m. 
  • Occupancy is limited to 12 people for the first two years, then it will be a maximum of 10 people per short-term rental. Extra guests are allowed during the day and not during sleeping hours.
  • Parking requirement is one space per bedroom.
  • Includes the CT District

All the rules can be read here starting on page 192.

Commissioners addressed they may have to change the language of their ordinance depending on what happens in Tallahassee with House Bill 833 and what happens in the Senate. Lawmakers are expected to discuss this legislation in the coming weeks.

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