People are going everywhere with “okemon Go- even the National Holocaust Museum and national and private cemeteries. it's really hard for Pokemon Go players to resist not going where there are Poke Stops.

For 91-year-old World War Navy veteran Jim Bateson, Bay Pines National Cemetery is a solemn and respectful place. He points out where his wife lay, “Here it is son."

According to some Pokemon Go players, the cemetery has Poke Stops. This is appalling to Jim, he said, “This is not a place for games. And it’s not a joyous atmosphere."

At the Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg Pokémon Go players Marilyn Harrington and Joseph Canali say they have not collect Poke Balls at Bay Pines Cemetery. “It’s awkward to think you have to go to a cemetery to get these", “Some of the markers there are at the entrances," says Harrington.

These Pokemon Go players say they feel like they are not intruding here at the mall, but they say there are boundaries, Harrington says, “Some of them are even on the graves."

Joseph Canali says, “I feel like I’m like I’m trespassing if I go in there, so I steer clear of that. I don’t think anyone should go in there, because it’s a veteran’s hospital there are more things that are more important things to attend to then a game."

These players say there are even Poke Stops at Royal Palms Cemetery in St. Petersburg. “It’s pretty weird. 'Cause you kind of want to go, but you also don’t because it’s an intrusion," says Harrington.

Several players agree cemeteries are a place of rest and not play. Jim Bateson said, “You are always glad to see the kids enjoying themselves but there is a time and place."

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