Seeing Dustin Witherington lay back in an exam chair for a routine checkup at Florida Dental Implants, it’s hard to believe just a few months ago, his life was very different.

Mar. 7, 2016 is a day Dustin and his wife Linsey will never forget. Dustin was in a traumatizing motorcycle accident. His injuries were hard to look at - severe wounds to his head and jaw, swallowed teeth. He spent eight weeks in a coma.

“It shocked me enough to bring tears to my eyes,” Linsey says.

Linsey was five months pregnant when the accident happened. She was devastated and scared at what the future held, especially since the cost of his surgeries would exceed $20,000.

Then, through a friend, Dr. Lawrence Musser of Florida Dental Implants learned about Dustin’s case, and stepped in to help.

“When I heard about the severity of his accident, and need to dental care, I volunteered to take care of those issues that weren’t covered by insurance,” said Musser.

Florida Dental Implants, based in Lakeland, performs not only oral surgeries, but a range of facial surgeries. They have a long history of going above and beyond for others.

“While it takes time, it’s part of giving back. It’s worth it,” Musser said with a smile.

While Dustin today is a major improvement over the man he was back in March, he still has a long road ahead, with more surgeries. But he can finally hold his baby girl and smile. What he’s looking forward to the most? The simple things in life.

“To go home and eat a steak with my family!” he says.

10 News WTSP will keep you updated on Dustin’s recovery process.