LAKELAND, Fla. — Shelby Paxton lost her home to the EF-2 tornado that touched down in Kathleen Friday.

“That first day, it definitely felt like my heart ached,” Paxton said. “And then it kept getting worse. The more you came out here, the worse it looked.”

Now, she's assessing the damage. 

"In ruins. I mean half of the roof is gone, water damage all throughout. The shed is gone. The shop is gone.”

Not just for herself, for the insurance company as well.

"All damaged property we have to list out every item and how much it would be worth to replace it," explained Paxton.

An insurance adjuster came by Tuesday to tell her what would be covered for the house and shed. But, Paxton is still worried that all of the repairs will cost more.

“Hopefully it will be less than the amount I have it covered for. Because if it’s over, that’s out of pocket money that I have to spend," said Paxton.

With a wedding in April and no sense of when reconstruction will be done, Paxton is just anxious to get to work. 

"I mean I’m worried about how long the process is going to be. How long I am going to be without a house?” questioned Paxton.

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This is what an insurance agent said to do if your home is hit by a tornado:

First, call your insurance agent as soon as you can to start the claim process. The sooner you get on their radar, the quicker they can come to you.

Next, you want to secure what you can. If it is safe, tarp up your roof to minimize the damage.

And finally, start to make the list of damaged or destroyed items. If you can take photos, that is even better. The sooner you can complete that list, the better.

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