Forget campfires and tents, some Bay area girls are programming robots for their summer camp.

Instructors say the robotics camp is designed to ignite girls' passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They say a “girls only” camp is needed because boys and girls respond differently to engineering.

“The boys get caught up in the wanting to build it and take it forward, and the girls are just ready to take it in and take just one step at a time to be successful," says instructor Elizabeth Simpson.

Marilyn Barger, the executive director of FLATE -- Florida Advanced Technological Education Center -- said, “This is very good for creative thinking and problem solving. Those are skills sets that will take them through any career that they will have.”

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Many of the students are very excited that the camp is available. “It’s exciting to finally find friends that are interested in the same things that I am," said camper Jordon Fahringer.

The event is hosted by Hillsborough Community College Brandon and FLATE. Organizers say by the end of the week the girls will have a solid introduction to programming and robotics, which could lead to many career opportunities.