A Florida teenager is taking on Publix Super Markets on social media about its no-beard policy.

Brandon Wesley, 19, of Tallahassee says Publix bans beards for store employees but allows beards in the corporate offices, warehouses, and even the GreenWise stores. So he created a petition on the website coworker.org and 14,000 people agree with him.

“I saw that Starbucks recently changed their policy on tattoos. This lady started a petition on the same website, asking for having visual tattoos and Starbucks actually changed their policy," said Wesley.

Shareholders met for the annual meeting Tuesday in Lakeland, but a spokesperson for the grocery store says the issue wasn’t discussed.

Wesley says he loves working for Publix and will continue to press for policy change.

What do you think? Should employees be allowed to have beards? We want to hear from you.

Check out the petition by clicking here.