WINTER HAVEN, Fla.—A Winter Haven police officer was taken into custody after an arrest that left a suspect with a broken femur in June.

The arrest of Officer Brandon Boone, 34, was announced during a news conference by Winter Haven Police Chief Charlie Bird Tuesday afternoon.

The arrest of Boone comes after an incident this summer when Boone took Ronal Augustin, 35, into custody after finding marijuana in his vehicle and learning Augustin was on felony probation.

Boone was on his way to take Augustin to the Polk County Jail from the Winter Haven Police Department when Boone was asked to turn around help transport a different arrestee, said police.

While Boone was heading back to the department Augustin started to “vocalize his displeasure” of returning to the department, said police officials.

He dropped the f-bomb numerous times and told Boone he hoped his kids die -- among other things, according to police reports.

Once Boone and Augustin got back to the department, Augustin was still yelling about being back, and on their way to a holding cell Boone grabbed Augustin’s arm and struck his butt with his knee, said Bird.

Police said after that, a struggle between the two broke out and Augustin landed on the floor and at some point, a loud “pop” was heard. Augustin cried out that his leg was broken.

Boone immediately called for medical help and EMS transported him to a medical facility where he later had surgery on his leg, said Bird.

Chief Bird said he reviewed the video from inside the cell and called for an independent investigation by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation was concluded and handed over to the State Attorney's Office, where a formal charge of felony battery was given.

"Our officers provide excellence in conducting a professional job every day," said Bird. "I cannot let one person tarnish the good work of the men and women in this organization. If we don't do what's right here, we are no better than the criminals."

Bird said the two things that concerned him were the knee strike that appeared on the video as unwarranted and the incident inside of the cell that led to the injury of Augustin.

Boone was suspended with pay after the incident, and after the investigation was concluded he was placed on suspension without pay. He joined the department on Oct. 31, 2016.

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