ORANGE PARK, Fla. - A federal agent ambushed an Oakleaf Publix parking lot on Tuesday received aid from an unlikely source.

The border patrol officer, who has not been identified, suffered critical injuries after being shot multiple times.

At five months pregnant, Shelby Floyd-Berrios said she heard gunshots from inside the Great Clips salon where she works.

Surveillance video shows the expectant mother race from the salon to the parking lot toward the gunfire.

"I had no other option, I saw him go down, and there was no choice in my mind," said Floyd-Berrios who has studied to become a nurse. "I wasn't going to let someone lay there and die."

She said she had no idea who the shooter was or from where the shots were fired.


Great Clips local area manager Charlene Mann worried her employee was putting herself in danger.

"[Shelby] just said, I've been to nursing school and bolted," Mann said. "I was thinking about the shooter, and I know that she's pregnant, so I didn't want her to be the next person shot."

They would later learn the suspect had crashed his car nearby in the parking lot after a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"[The shooter] wasn't at the forefront of my mind and I think if you ask anybody what they were thinking about [we] just wanted to make sure this person is safe," she said.

Publix employees and doctor's office staff also raced to the agent's aid, bringing paper towels and gloves, Floyd-Berrios said. Another man had a clotting agent in his truck joining a group effort to stop the agent's bleeding until paramedics arrived.


"I didn't even know that he was law enforcement until I got over there and saw his holster and his uniform," Floyd-Berrios said.

She also realized the man whose chest she was applying pressure to, had been a previous guest in her salon.

"He's a really sweet and noble gentleman and he deserves our respect, he serves our community," she said. "I hope [he's] doing ok and comes back into the salon because [he has] a big hug waiting on him."