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Questions about Florida's new beach law? Here's some answers

Have more questions? We're answering them on the 10News Facebook page.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Florida's new beach law allows beach property owners to kick people off their private beach property.

This doesn't mean all public beaches are disappearing, but it means you have to be more aware of exactly where you want to sit on the beach.

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Ever since we posted this story on our 10 News facebook page, the comments and questions haven't stopped. We responded to your top three questions/comments:

COMMENT 1: Sam Archer, referring to Governor Rick Scott wrote: "Sounds like its more for him than anyone else."

10NEWS: Gov. Scott owns beach front property in Naples, and technically, yes, he can now kick you off his property come July 1, but remember, 124 other Florida lawmakers voted in favor of this bill long before it got to Scott's desk.

"What it does is it protects the rights of the public to get on the beach and protects the right of the property owner and their property rights so I think it's a good bill," Scott told reporters Thursday.

COMMENT 2: Joann Fox wrote on 10News Anchor Allison Kropff's facebook page asking "What political figures signed the beach law? How many bought property on the beach or family members? This is real estate insider trading in my opinion"

10NEWS: This law passed in a landslide and not a single nay vote came from a Tampa Bay lawmaker. Here's the House and Senate vote breakdown.

COMMENT 3: Daniel Wayne simply writes, "Good luck enforcing this one."

10NEWS: A spokesperson with the Pinellas County Sheriff's office explained that law enforcement first has to educate the public on the new law. Then, it will be a complaint-based response and when it comes to trespassing, they typically issue a warning before they arrest someone.

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