ST. PETERSBURG — They stock shelves, make cars, and clean houses.

But is the next job for a robot your job?

It's a real concern.

In fact, a new report shows 38% of jobs in America are already at risk of an automation takeover in the next 15 years.

10News WTSP reporter Mark Rivera shows you which ones are in the danger zone.

The study says the biggest job losses could be seen in transportation and storage, manufacturing, and wholesale and retail.

You've seen it already, right? Amazon's grocery store where you pick out items walk out and are automatically charged.

You don't need a cashier for that.

How about drone delivery? Or driverless trucks being tested? McDonald's kiosks where you can order with a touch screen -- so, the reality of automation is here.

What the heck is it going to mean for your job and the economy?

“We're increasing the productivity of workers by using machines and new innovations, so that's a good thing for the economy,” said University of Tampa economics professor Robert Beekman.

“You want to be careful of saying they'll lose their jobs, but they'll lose their current jobs, and 15 years from now, they won't be in the same career … but it's a little undefined in terms of where these people will land in other careers.”

So be ready, your job is still evolving.

“I am an RN, so I think there are at least elements of my job that will be taken over by automation,” Lauren Hedlund told 10News.

“It's only a matter of time,” said cybersecurity major Kevin Boyer. “So what does that mean for you if you're out of work?!” asked 10News.

“I'll have to find something that computers can't do yet, which isn't very much if anything,’ Boyer said.
Here's the good news. The report says if you're in healthcare or social work, job cuts could be a lot less.

Probably because no one wants to tell their problems to a robot.

In fact, Beekman says jobs that have high interpersonal skill, where empathy is key, will be less impacted by automation.