Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Gerald McCoy is furious after he found out boys at his daughter's school called her the "n-word," according to TMZ.com.

The website says McCoy reported the boys were playing Truth or Dare, and one of the dares was to go up to McCoy's 12-year-old daughter and call her the n-word, and one of the boys did it.

McCoy's daughter told school officials, but he said the school did not contact him to tell him what had happened or how the incident was being handled. He learned from his daughter, TMZ said.

The school decided on a 1-day suspension as punishment, which McCoy found insufficient, TMZ said.

"There is no way, shape or form where that was handled properly," the website quotes McCoy as saying. "A 1-day suspension is not doing anything."

The school was not named by TMZ, and the website said officials did not respond to a request for comment.

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