SARASOTA, Fla. -- CVS stores are known for keeping customers healthy. But the CVS location on Clark Road in Sarasota failed to meet minimum state standards when it comes to food safety.

An inspector with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services discovered that the back and upstairs storage areas were infested with rodents on a routine inspection this week.

According to the inspection report, the activity was concentrated around bags of cheddar cheese Chex Mix and Strawberry Yogurt Bars.

The problem was so bad that the state ordered CVS to stop selling the affected food and stop using the back and upstairs storage areas until the location could come into compliance. But just a day after Wednesday’s failing inspection, we found Cheddar Cheese Chex Mix on store shelves with yogurt bars located one aisle over.

“Maybe there’s not a hole in the box but the droppings and the feces that could be on the boxes could contaminate you. You could bring it in your house. That’s not good,” said concerned customer Frank Bykowski.

A CVS employee told us the store’s main manager wasn’t available to speak to us about a failing inspection when 10News WTSP stopped by on Wednesday but she did provide us a number for the company’s district office.

“I can’t say anything right now,” said the employee when asked if the situation was cleaned up.

Through an open door, we spotted what appeared to be food still in the back storage area immediately across from the pharmacy. Customers offered advice to CVS management.

“Immediately close down that part of the affected area and get it cleaned up and make it well known that is has been cleaned up,” suggested Bykowski. “The ultimate end would be to close the store to make sure it’s not anywhere else in the store.”

Many customers are surprised to find out the state doesn’t shut down failing food and grocery stores like it does with restaurants.

“This could go on for weeks before its cleaned up which is not satisfactory as far as I’m concerned,” said Bykowski.

A spokesperson from CVS later sent us this written statement:

This CVS Pharmacy location does have regular pest control service and we are having the storage area cleaned and re-serviced. We are also not allowing any food from the storage area to be brought out to the sales floor. We will ensure that any of the identified Chex Mix, yogurt bars and snack mix are removed from store shelves. We believe that any of those items on the shelf today were likely from today’s delivery truck.

You can view the failing inspection report here.