TAMPA, Florida — After 10Investigates first reported on the emergency closure of a Taco Bus food truck last week, viewers took to social media asking for information on the other Taco Bus locations.

10News reporter Beau Zimmer spent Monday going through all the inspections.

His findings show Taco Bus locations have fewer total violations on average than many other Florida restaurants, but the chain is plagued with many repeat violations for issues that could potentially make customers sick.

Among the most frequent problems found inside Taco Bus restaurant and food trucks:

- Food temperature abuse.

- Toxic Chemicals not properly labeled.

- Mold-like substance inside the ice machine.

- Exterior doors not closed or properly sealed.

- Lack of handwashing soap or paper towels for employees.

- Food stored on the floor.

- Lack of required food safety training for employees.

- No inspection report available.

- Small flying insects in the food prep areas.

Inspection reports also showed roach activity at three locations as well as bees around the drink machine in St. Petersburg, and a beetle in the Brandon location.

In a statement sent to 10News last week, the chain indicated its locations “are meticulously maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness.”

You can take a look at each location's complete inspection history below. Click on the date of each inspection to view details of what the state found.

Hillsborough Avenue Location

Hillsborough Avenue Food Truck

Hillsborough Avenue Food Truck

Taco Bus Mobile Truck #2 (Catering)

Downtown Tampa


St. Petersburg

St. Pete Food Truck


Brandon Food Truck

Fletcher Avenue Food Truck