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Cool find! Diver picks up megalodon tooth in Venice

"It's the tooth that our dreams are made of," he said.

VENICE, Fla. — It's pretty common to find a shark tooth in Venice, "the Shark Tooth Capital of the World," but not one to this magnitude. 

While diving near the end of May, Michael Nastasio found the largest megalodon tooth he's ever discovered yet just a few miles off of Venice Beach. Measuring 6.25 inches, combined with the colors, Nastasio said it's rare to find a tooth like this in the area.

"It's the tooth that our dreams are made of," he said. 

When he saw it, Nastasio said he couldn't believe his eyes.

"I had to come to the surface to even catch my breath," he added. 

Nastasio found the tooth about 35 feet below. He said it's a memory he'll never forget. 

Megalodons roamed the oceans 10 million years ago. Many people who visit Venice can find shark teeth ranging from sand, lemon, Mako, bull, whitetip and megalodons.

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