SARASOTA - Regardless of the job - whether it’s waiting tables, working at a construction site or running the front desk at a hotel - most of us have wondered whether we're getting paid what we’re worth.

“I'm very curious. Definitely!” said Luther Rosebaro.

Glassdoor is a website that lets you know if you are indeed underpaid.

Luther had us use his former job as a district manager for a retailing-type company as an example. His market value salary came in at $58,377.

“Oh wow. That’s considerably less than what I was making,” he said.

Cricket Thorne, an operations manager for a local landscaping company, had her salary calculated at $56,077.

“Ouch! I’m pretty sure it’s not even near that,” she said.

Bill Spence’s salary as a certified nursing assistant’s came in $10,000 below market value.

“I believe it," he said. "Caregivers are paid lower wages, especially for the responsibility you have - the care of your patients.”

Here’s how Glassdoor works: you answer a few questions such as your company name, job title, years of experience in that field, level of education, where you live and your current salary. All the information remains private. The app does the calculation.

Glassdoor also estimates your market value based on information submitted by others in your field.

According to Glassdoor, the three professionals we spoke with made between 35 and 48 percent less than their market value.

“I could have had a nice retirement fund set aside by now,” said Luther.

The app also gives salary ranges from low to high and median. Cricket’s median salary as an operations manager for a small company is $71,000.

“Oh my goodness. Maybe I should talk to David (her boss),” said Cricket.

Bill says one can ask for a raise but “asking for it and getting it are two different things.”

After getting the news (and it’s bad for most) the GlassDoor app helps you find a job that pays closer to home.

Despite the reality check about their salaries, Luther, Bill and Cricket are glad they now know their worth.

“It’s kind of sad but I can market myself and my skills to be paid more,” said Bill

Luther says, “I think it gives me a guideline what I will be asking for and should expect.”

But money isn’t everything to everyone. Cricket’s salary had the largest discrepancy of the three; she makes 48% below her market value. But she said, “I work in paradise, close to the bay. I enjoy my job so I’m good with it but that is an eye opener…thanks for sharing.”