After nearly two months of weather delays, the beach re-nourishment project on Lido Key is done.

Beach visitors can now sit and play in the sand that was underwater a few weeks ago.

Even though beachgoers are happy, city officials said this doesn’t solve their erosion problem.

“It’s beautiful to have the beach back,”  timeshare owner Cheryl Zorn said. 

In December, the surf crashed into buildings during a strong cold front and caused flooding. City officials said the new sand is just a band-aid for the erosion problem on Lido Key.

That big project is dredging Big Pass between Lido Key and Siesta Key.

While dredging Big Pass seems to be a simple solution, litigation issues have the project tied up.

Since the pass has never been dredged before, some residents said they are worried it would disrupt the flow of sand to Siesta Key and harm marine life.

The city and the Army Corps of Engineers said studies show no harm will be done by dredging. The $19 million project includes a berm to protect the sand and dredging every five years or as needed to keep the beach they just got back.

City officials said the Army Corps of Engineers dredging project of Big Pass will start this fall no matter what is happening in court. They have the permits to move forward.

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