Sarasota, Fla. -- Donald Trump's last push in Florida was in Sarasota this morning. Many supporters say they can overlook what others can't and support his plan for the country.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is back in Sarasota for a second time in a year to an even more energized crowd.

“Trump, Trump, Trump,” chants the crowd.

Trump opens up the rally by telling the crowd of supporters, “In one day we will win the great state of Florida and take back the White House."

More than 5,000 people packed Robart’s Arena in Sarasota. There were women for Trump.

“I can overlook the things he said about women,” says Jackie Cannella. She’s been to seven Trump rallies.

“For me it comes down to policy, 100% policy, I want America back. I want my country,” says Jackie.

There were Hispanics for Trump.

“He speaks strong. He speaks for us,” says Jackie Metyk.

For many, Trump is the outsider America needs as a leader.

Trump leads the crowd in a chant, “Drain the Swamp.”

Crowd cheers, “USA! USA!” Trump says, “I’m not a politician. My only special interest is you.”

Shawn Leite, a Trump supporter says, “He’s spending his own money his own time. I’d rather give him a chance then give them another chance.”

Some African-Americans believe in Trump’s economic plan to lower taxes and bring back jobs. A group walked in before the rally began carrying signs saying Hillary will start World War III and were cheered on by the crowd.

“Black people need jobs. If there are jobs, it stops the inner city problems,” says Maurice Symonette from Miami.

Maurice says drugs are sold because people need jobs and that leads to other crimes. He believes many black people want to vote for Trump but are too afraid of backlash or worse. His message to the African-American community. “Hillary is the hawk. Don’t be scared black people. Don’t be a chump, vote for Trump and get us out of this economic slump.”

Trump ends the rally with his campaign slogan. “We will make America Great Again.”

Trump is headed to North Carolina and Pennsylvania, and will be joined by the Vice Presidential candidate in New Hampshire and Michigan.