In a post on Facebook Thursday morning, the men announced they found the owner of the GoPro and his name is Doug. 


They went searching for shark teeth but came up with a camera instead.

A group of buddies diving about a half-mile off the coast of Venice recently say they found a GoPro camera about 30-feet down at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

So they brought it up and powered it on—it still worked.

On it, the friends say they found several videos of a man along with a group of friends on what looks like a charter boat.

The friends took this screengrab from one of the videos found on the GoPro. This is the man they're trying to track down:

Divers trying to ID this man to return his lost GoPro
Divers are trying to identify this man seen in several videos on a GoPro discovered in the Gulf so they can return the camera.
Courtesy iHUNTdeadThings

Since the buddies post regularly about their adventures on their ‘iHUNTdeadThings’ Facebook and YouTube pages, they figured a post about the GoPro would easily help them track down the owner.

Does anyone recognize this diver? 🧐 We found his gopro a half mile off the coast of Venice FL and would like to get it back to him. We also found plenty of amazing teeth among other things. Check...

But so far, no luck.

Now they’re hoping to spread the word.

If you recognize the man, you can contact iHuntdeadThings through their Facebook page.

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