SARASOTA, Fla. -- We all have our Thanksgiving traditions, and for some of us it’s where we get our Thanksgiving pies!

Many of us head south to Sarasota to Yoder’s restaurant. The family-owned restaurant is part of Sarasota’s Amish community in an area near Pinecraft. Creampies are made to order from banana cream pies to pumpkins pies and more topped with fresh whip cream.

Thanksgiving Eve is pie pickup day. The lines wrap down the side of the building, often reaching the street. Pie lovers come from near and far.

Daniel Rybin is waiting to pick up his pies. “We’re here from Atlanta. Thanksgiving tradition, gotta get Yoder’s pie. It’s not a Thanksgiving tradition without it. So we’re here to pick up pumpkin cream pies. The pies are amazing!”

“We’re here from Michigan," says Laura Cooper. "We came all the way heard the Yoder pies are the best in the world. We’re getting strawberry cream pie."

Vicky Pettigrew drove up from Englewood in Charlotte County and it’s her first Thanksgiving with Yoder’s pies. “They’re homemade, fresh, really tasty worth the drive. It’s always awesome, the food's great, plus I didn’t want to bake.”

Yoder’s estimates making more than 8,000 pies from their small kitchen. That’s 1,000 more than last year.