ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Saturday's weather put an early end to their fundraiser. But, that won't damper their effort to look out for you.

Eckerd College Search and Rescue scours the entire Bay.

"We cover almost 600 square nautical miles," said program coordinator Ryan Dilkey.

He said despite the weather, they had a large crowd come out to their yard sale helping with their mission.

This is the only Marine rescue program on a college campus in the country.

It was them -- four students and an instructor -- that found the body of 5-year-old Phoebe Jonchuck last year. Her father is accused of tossing her off the lead up to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

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"So, how important is Eckerd College's program? Well, they make hundreds of rescues each year. This fundraiser supports all of that.

Shawn Aberle showed up to add his appreciation and purchase some items for his boat.

"There's always something that can come up unexpectedly," he said.

"It's fantastic that you can be out there with all these electronics and be in touch and know that you can be saved.

Also, with Saturday's stormy weather, it was a reminder of what the program expresses to boaters.

"Wear a life jacket, plan ahead, have communications gear of some sort, and do not rely solely on a cell phone," Dilkey added.

If you missed the fundraiser, you can still donate. Call 727-864-8288 to reach them and mention you'd like to make a yard sale donation.