The court dates for the parents of the man suspected in the Seminole Heights murders has been pushed back.

Howell Jr. and Rosita Donaldson's court appearance has been rescheduled to 9 a.m. Jan. 25, The original date was Jan. 5.

The Donaldsons have been ordered to provide testimony about their son, Howell Donaldson III. Those questions relate to Donaldson III's mental health, whether his parents knew he owned a gun and about their son's history, among others.

Answers to those questions potentially could be used to determine whether Donaldson III murdered four people this fall in Tampa's Seminole Heights neighborhood.

The parents have refused and could face contempt of court charges if they continue to do so.

Donaldson III is also scheduled to appear Jan. 25, and it is the deadline for the state to announce whether they will be seeking the death penalty against him.