"I’m glad he’s behind bars," said John Pfaff, who is out thousands of dollars detectives say because of John Iacovino.

Iacovino is now facing felony extortion charges for at least 15 other victims and detectives say that’s not all.

"Seventy properties had liens against them because of Ike’s Roofing," said Detective Darren Hill of the Pasco Sheriff's Office.

Pfaff said, "I feel bad for the other people because they’re probably never going to get the lien removed."

Pfaff paid Ike’s Roofing $8,800 in cash after his roof was installed thinking the deal was over, but investigators say the Ike’s owner Iacovino never paid his bills.

"Ike’s Roofing got the supplies on credit from Suncoast Roofing Supply then did the roofing jobs, but never paid Suncoast Roofing Supply for the materials," said Hill.

And that’s how Pfaff ended up with a $3,700 lien against his home.

"When I get older it’s going to hurt because this is my nest egg," Pfaff said.

The sheriff’s office says make sure everything is resolved before making a final payment.

"They received a final waiver of lien from all the subcontractors and suppliers because that’s what’s going to keep you from getting a lien put on your property," Hill said.

Pfaff, who doesn’t work due to medical issues, had this to say about Iacovino.

"Karma is going to get him," said Pfaff.

Hill said, "He wasn’t paying attention to the bills and was kind of treating the money as his personal bank account."

Hill says Iacovino has a history of drug and DUI arrests, and showed no remorse for his victims.

"He seemed more upset with everyone else blaming everyone but himself," said Hill.

Pfaff said, "I’m not going to give anybody my money anymore."

Pfaff says done trusting contractors.

The sheriff's office says Suncoast Roofers Supply is out around $150,000. 10News WTSP contacted the company, but it had no comment.

If you've paid Ike's Roofing for a job and think you may be a victim contact the Pasco Sheriff' Office at 727) 847-5878.