Burgeoning startups and inventors listen up: Mentors and investors want to help you.

The group 1-Million Cups meets at the Greenhouse, a division of the St. Pete Chamber of Commerce. These well-established business owners hear all types of pitches from inventors and new business startups.

The rewards are good business advice and possibly investors.

Today local inventor John Toner pitched his idea for his new Bluetooth earpiece The StandN. Toner says the device is always ready because it charges with your smartphone, and it also is also a kickstand.

Toner said, “We are a new company. We are just trying to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible. We mostly try keep our mistakes at a minimum, so if we can learn from other people’s mistakes that’s the better way to go.”

Sean Kennedy, one of the managers at the Greenhouse, says, “Having a community to surround you and help you out is what separates the successful companies from the others that go by the wayside."

Toner says his 1 Million Cups pitch went well seeing substantial impressions on his Facebook and Twitter pages right after the event.

For more information, click these links: 1 Million Cups and the Greenhouse.