DAVENPORT, Fla. — A restaurant where health inspectors found roaches running around the kitchen remained open for nearly two hours according to state records, despite an order from the state to close.

Davenport's Ale House, located at 1260 Posner Boulevard in eastern Polk County, was originally ordered to close around 5 p.m. Friday after an inspector reported finding 20 to 25 live cockroaches in the food preparation area near a flip-top unit and 8 to 10 more live roaches on the side of the freezer near on the cook line.

State records show Jimmie Romano, a supervisor with the Division of Hotels and Restaurants, arrived at the establishment around 7 p.m. the same day and found the restaurant still up and running despite the emergency order.

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The finding is considered a high priority violation with the recommendation of an administrative complaint which could result in a fine.

Reached by telephone, Davenport Ale House managing partner Danny Rayman tells 10News WTSP the original inspector indicated the restaurant could continue serving customers who had already ordered food, but could not allow new customers to come inside.

“It took some time for the customers already eating to finish their food,” said Rayman who added they contract with Orkin for regular pest control service. “Obviously we want to run a clean restaurant.”

Along with the insect issues, the restaurant was cited for a total of 15 violations, 3 of which were a high priority.

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Other issues included violations for storing bottled beverages in the ice served to customers. The inspector described an “accumulation of debris” inside the ice bin and ordered the ice be thrown out.

The restaurant was also found to have no certified food service manager on duty and was unable to provide proof of food safety training for any of their employees. The owner tells 10News the restaurant’s general manager was out of town on the evening of the inspection and that proof of employee food safety training will be sent to the state.

Davenport's Ale House was cleared to reopen later Saturday after the inspector was unable to find any remaining cockroaches in the kitchen. A manager for the Davenport Ale House confirms the roach issue is now cleaned up.

A time extension was given by the state to correct other violations.

10Investigates uncovered the restaurant did not receive a single inspection in 2016 despite a state policy requiring a minimum of two inspections every year. Their last previous inspection took place in September of 2015, triggered by a consumer complaint.